WALDIS safes for valuables and weapons

WALDIS safes for valuables and weapons.

For the protection of your weapons & most valuable things!

If you own weapons, you want to keep them in a safe place. With a WALDIS safe with individual interior design, your weapons, ammunition and other valuable belongings are well protected.

The storage

As a firearms owner, it is also your duty to keep your weapons in a safe place and thus protect yourself and your fellow human beings.
The Swiss Weapons Act therefore contains some regulations and conditions that must be met for the storage of weapons. Read here what these are.

The advantages of a safe for valuables and weapons at a glance:

  • Highest security guarantee against misuse and theft
  • Optimal use of space due to individual interior design
  • Protects not only your weapons but also your most valuable belongings
  • Sorgt zwangsläufig für Ordnung, auch ausserhalb des Schiessstands
  • Bietet ebenfalls Platz für dazugehörige Munition, Magazine und Putzzeug
  • Convenient storage and retrieval due to pull-out shelves for long and short guns

Example model of a WALDIS valuables and weapons safe

Views Valuables and Weapons Safe

Front view

Vorderansicht Waffentresor

Side view

Seitenansicht Waffentresor

Technical data using the example of a WALDIS Business 1450

    • Model: WALDIS Business 1450*
    • External dimensions (H/ W/ D): 1450 x 720 x 640mm (+ 60mm handle)
    • Internal dimensions (H/ W/ D): 1307 x 579 x 470 mm
    • Volume: 356 liters
    • Weight: 750 kg
    • Lock: Primor 3000
    • Protection class: resistance grade 3 according to EN 1143-1
    • Insured value: 150,000 CHF
    • Max. Weapon length with inner safe: 1100 mm
    • Max. Weapon length without inner safe: 1250 mm
    • Number of long guns: max. 12 (if only long guns are stored)
    • Number of handguns: max. 24 (if only handguns are stored)
    • Interior equipment: 1x interior safe / 1x partition / 4x adjustable shelf or pull-out shelf / 1x long gun drawer /
      6x pistol holder 9mm

*The safes for valuables and weapons are offered from the Business 1450 model.