WALDIS Vaults made of Relastan®

There is no secret to high security at WALDIS.
Flexible, light and very, very safe.

Based on the highest security requirements, Kaba has succeeded in developing a material which can withstand all extraordinary demands. It is a material which can effectively counter the wide range of break-in tools. The result of this intensive researchwork is Relastan®.

This new armoring material, a compound of hard and elastic materials with no concrete admixtures, is made up of environmentally friendly raw materials and poses absolutely no risk to the environment.

Relastan® has even been classified as absolutely revolutionary by the product certification office VdS.

The lightweight design of WALDIS vaults

Conventional vaults and strong rooms are essentially made of concrete and steel. Since these constructions result in extremely heavy installations and use conventional armoring, they may no longer necessarily meet security requirements. The armoring material Relastan® is used exclusively by WALDIS in the manufacture of its vaults and armored doors. In this way lightweight elements are used to produce self-supporting vaults which have considerably lower weight and offer optimum security.

The lightweight construction with Relastan® makes it possible for WALDIS’s vault installations to be placed virtually anywhere in a building. As a result of the low load, there are no longer any restrictions related to the structural design.

Highest level of flexibility

Since Relastan® allows for considerably lower wall thickness, a WALDIS vault requires much less space. Thanks to the modular construction of its prefabricated elements, it can be made larger or smaller, or dismantled and assembled in another location at any time. This extremely simple type of installation requires much less planning and reduces building costs.

Existing spaces can be fully utilized. Installation does not normally require any structural modifications nor does it effect adjacent rooms. The problem-free integration of a new installation or a conversion into the ongoing work process usually leads to savings in operating costs.

The advantages of the modular design with Relastan® at a glance:

  • Highest level of security
  • Virtually no restrictions in terms of structural design
  • High volume of use thanks to low wall thickness
  • Free choice of location (high security safes need not be placed on basement level of building)
  • Flexible extensions possible at any time
  • Problem-free dismantling and reassembling
  • Simple planning
  • Certified according to European norms
  • Environmentally friendly raw materials

WALDIS Vaults for Private Individuals

WALDIS Vaults for Private Individuals

So that your valuables remain untouchable.

The safe storage at home of large amounts of jewelry, watches, precious metals, works of art, or important documents requires much more than just a good safe.

Secure, anonymous, and practical

WALDIS offers you the possibility of having your own private vault installed whenever you like. Based on your individual wishes in terms of shape and material, the vault can be integrated perfectly into the existing premises. A WALDIS vault does not have to be erected in the basement. Thanks to the lightweight construction characteristic of the revolutionary material Relastan®, your own personal vault can be installed on any floor. In the event of a relocation, it can simply be dismantled and reassembled again in another place even with any adjustments made if necessary.

Everything that you love and cherish can be found in your own home but kept as safe as if it were in a bank. WALDIS vaults meet the latest European norms and fulfill the highest security requirements.

Absolute discretion is guaranteed since your private vault is installed according to your wishes and only after the completion of the building.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Objects of value are available immediately and at any time
  • Individual customized extension
  • Free choice of location
  • Highest level of security
  • Removable and can be reassembled anywhere

WALDIS Vaults for Companies

WALDIS Vaults for Companies

High security installations, precisely tailored to your needs.

A business which deals in products of high value requires an absolutely safe place in which to store them. Precious metal processors, watch manufacturers, jewelry shops, industrial firms, post offices, research laboratories, museums, and many other businesses worldwide rely on WALDIS’s safes and vaults.

More Flexibility . . .

It is of particular importance in a business environment that security and efficiency within general workflows is reduced to a common denominator. There is no limit to the flexibility, comfort, and security that WALDIS’s walk-in vaults offer thanks to the revolutionary technology with Relastan®.

. . . thanks to free choice of location

Unlike conventional construction with its reinforced concrete walls, WALDIS uses lightweight elements made of Relastan®. The self-supporting vaults are considerably lighter and can therefore be installed on any floor of a building, not only in the basement. This free choice of location shortens working distances and enables the integration of vaults into work processes. Operating and production costs are thereby reduced.
Absolute discretion is guaranteed since your vault is installed according to your wishes and only after the completion of the building.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Free choice of location
  • Trouble-free integration into internal work processes
  • Removable and can be reassembled anywhere
  • Highest level of security
  • Safe storage

WALDIS Vaults for Banks

WALDIS Vaults for Banks

From reinforced door to safety deposit box: Vaults for the highest level of security and flexibility.

Hardly any other place must provide as much security as does the vault in a bank. Countless customers all over the world are accustomed to going down to the basement level of their banks to access their safety deposit boxes. While the underground placement of vaults may make complete sense, modern banks are now no longer bound to this since vault installations need no longer be made of concrete and steel weighing several tons.

Optimization of work processes thanks to lightweight construction

The revolutionary material Relastan® enables WALDIS to build selfsupporting, light installations which can be erected anywhere in a building. The otherwise common restrictions due to structural design are completely eliminated.

The advantage:

Maximum flexibility is achieved with vaults located on upper floors. The ideal location also offers protection from environmental factors (e.g. flooding). In addition, operating costs are reduced.

A further advantage:

Lightweight elements made of Relastan® can be used to strengthen existing vaults in order to increase the level of security and fulfill any requirements of insurance companies.

Unrivaled security with a seal of quality

Vaults constructed using Relastan® elements are not only much lighter, they are also more secure than conventional installations made of reinforced concrete walls in cast in situ construction. The Relastan® armoring of vaults and doors has been tested and certified according to European norms by the VdS Schadenver – hütung (Loss Prevention) GmbH in Cologne. Both are classified as resistance grade RG II/V/V-KB to IX/IX-KB according to EN 1143-1.

Paxos® electronic high security locking system

WALDIS’s vault installations are equipped with redundant electronic high security locking systems which rule out malfunctions resulting from operating errors while at the same time offer a high level of ergonomic ease of operation. An electronic monitoring system and a refined locking device ensure to the greatest possible extent that the input and lock unit are safe against manipulation and sabotage.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Free choice of location thanks to lightweight construction with Relastan®
  • Removable and can be reassembled anywhere
  • Strengthen existing vaults
  • Trouble-free integration into internal work processes
  • Vaults for the highest class of insurance
  • Tested according to EN norms

WALDIS Panic Room

For a safe haven within your own home.

A panic room serves as a shelter in case of an acute threat situation and protects you and your environment from attackers.

A panic room can be used for personal protection as well as for the storage of valuables. In contrast to a conventional vault, a panic room has specific equipment features, such as a communication facility built into the interior. This allows easy contact with help points to quickly stop possible intruders. Also built inside is a second input unit that allows opening and closing. Although a panic room does not serve as a bunker in which one could survive for weeks or even months in case of an emergency, a panic room can also be equipped with all other necessities.
A panic room from WALDIS consists of a front wall, which acts as a passage lock to give you enough time in case of an emergency. This can be equipped with a bullet-proof security door. In the rear part is the actual panic and valuables room, which serves as a place of refuge. The built-in security door is bulletproof up to caliber 7.62×54 mm and thus reliably protects against attacks from the outside.

Are you interested in this product and would like to learn more about individual interior design? We would be happy to advise you personally in our showroom. Click here for our contact form.

The advantages at a look:
  • Safe retreat in your own home
  • Individual finishing to measure
  • Free choice of location
  • Highest security
  • Dismountable and rebuildable anywhere

WALDIS Vaults Made of Relastan® – Technical Data

Modular Vaults

Modular Elements

Vaults - Modular Elements

The construction of a vault is carried out in the following three steps:
First, the floor is laid with Relastan® elements. This is followed by the mounting of wall and corner elements. The vault doors are then anchored and installed into the wall elements. Finally, the ceiling elements are laid onto the wall elements. When these three steps have been completed, all of the elements are welded at the seams within the interior.

Room Division
Vaults - Room Division

The modular elements make it possible to install a vault in any space or, as in the example left, they may be used to divide an existing space.

Room Reinforcement
Vaults - raumverstaerkung

Existing structures of a building can be reinforced with Relastan® elements to increase security and meet any necessary insurance requirements.

Technical Data

Model Resistance Grade Wall Thickness Weight
BE 2080 WG V 80 mm 175 kg/m2
BE 2115 WG IX 115 mm 250 kg/m2
BE 2115-CD WG IX-CD* 115 mm 250 kg/m2

CD* = Core Drill protection

Technical Data and Dimensions
  • Minimum cubic dimensions (int.): 1440 x 2050 x 1340 mm (W x H x D)
  • Maximum cubic dimensions (int.): 3000 mm

Vault Doors and Lattice Doors

Aluminium or steel lattice doors are available to fit any size vault door.
WALDIS Vaults - Vault Doors
Model Resistance Grade Clear Width Clear Height Door Thickness Weight
TRP Genius 3 WG III 880 mm 1970 mm 127 mm approx. 480 kg
TRP Genius 5 WG V 820 / 940 mm 1970 mm 170 mm approx. 530 / 630 kg
TRP Genius 9 WG IX 900 mm 1970 mm 260 mm approx. 1100 kg
TRP Genius 9 WG IX-CD* 900 mm 1970 mm 260 mm approx. 1100 kg
TRP 3500 WG XI-CD* 900 mm 1955 mm 370 mm approx. 2200 kg

CD* = Core Drill protection

Vault Door TRP Genius 3 und 5
TRP Genius 3 and 5
Vault Door TRP Genius 9
TRP Genius 9
Vault Door TRP 3500
TRP 3500
Lattice Doors
Lattice Doors