When maximum security of valuables is required, WALDIS relies on VARRIT safes.

In order to meet the highest security demands, Kaba developed a material that could withstand all extra-ordinary requirements. It is a material that successfully stands up to today’s wide range of break-in tools. The result of this development was Relastan®. This new armouring material has proven itself to be absolutely revolutionary, even to the product certification centre VdS.

VARRIT safes are in line with current needs as a result of many years’ experience in safe construction. Since the safe’s door fully opens (over 180°), drawers, hanging files and interior compartments can be easily used. When the safe is closed, the locks bolt on all four sides, making it impossible to prise the door open.

With its small external dimensions and considerably large interior volume, this safe is a true space saving miracle.

All Varrit safes (in choice of colour) fit well into any surroundings. Thanks to the innovative lightweight technology, they can be installed anywhere without a problem.

Kaba Safes + Vaults


For home and business protection
  • Compact with relatively high volume
  • Electronic lock with battery operation
  • Perfect locking technology and lock redundancy
  • Fulfils the highest security norms
  • Alarm control, intrusion alarm, time out programme, etc.
  • Automatic bolt closing
  • Menu-driven operation via display
  • Automatic retractable drawer
  • Door opening on right or left
  • Drawers and shelves made of maple wood or metal
  • Pullout drawers for jewellery, collections and documents
  • Fire retardant seal
  • Floor and rear wall mounting

VdS approval no. M105006 M194035
Resistance grade 2 according to EN 1143-1 3 according to EN 1143-1
Contents with a value of up to * CHF 50’000
or CHF 100’000
CHF 150’000
or CHF 300’000
Different sizes in stock 6 5
Electronic combination lock CAWI CAWI
Possible mounting 2-point on rear wall and 2-point on floor 2-point on rear wall and 2-point on floor

* Without alarm / with alarm system. The values specified are average values from insurance companies. The insurance companies are free in principle to conduct their risk assessment.