Customer Safe Deposit Installations by WALDIS.

This is just how good the highest level of security can look

WALDIS’s electronically controlled safe deposit installations ensure the highest possible level of security and efficiency in over 700 businesses in Switzerland and Europe today.

Even with tried and tested mechanical customer safe deposit installations, the safe lock is of critical importance. Only components which have been developed and produced by WALDIS are assembled in both the electronic as well as the mechanical versions. The consistent strategy of «Made in Switzerland» prevents interface problems and ensures a quality standard which is unparalleled.

Customer Safe Deposit Installations by WALDIS
Customer Safe Deposit Installations by WALDIS

Three words, one promise:
«Made in Switzerland».

Since a customer safe deposit installation is expected to be reliably operated for many years, the safe locks and control systems must be geared towards long-term functionality. Each and every WALDIS component has gone through a development process which meets these demanding requirements.

«Made in Switzerland» means much more to WALDIS than simply a label of origin:

It is the promise to bring security, functionality, and perfect design all down to one common denominator.

The initial investment which many banks and other institutions all over Europe have made is ensured through the cost-effective, plug-compatible replacement of the control system.

A customer safe deposit installation by WALDIS features an upwardly compatible safe deposit control system, a choice of boxes, and a very stable block design with a high loading capacity.

Last but not least, WALDIS’s customers receive extremely reliable service which is based on the motto «everything under one roof»: WALDIS ensures that the planning, project development, and installation, including the consideration of individual wishes regarding the complete interior design, are all taken care of right up until the keys are handed over. This, of course, also includes service and maintenance.

From the pioneer of electrical safe installations:
The integrated safe management system.

Safe Deposit Installations by WALDIS

As the pioneer in the manufacture of electrical safe installations, WALDIS has an integrated safe management system at its disposal. As a result of continuous further development, every safety deposit installation by WALDIS offers the highest standard in security, functionality, and design.

These modules are compatible with each other and can also be retrofitted in existing WALDIS electrical safe installations. WALDIS safe deposit installations are therefore the only ones in the world which can be upgraded to a state-of-the-art safe management system which is controlled and operated fully automatically.

The Vetox™ safety deposit control system can be easily installed in an empty compartment so that the technical heart of the installation remains completely invisible. The Vetox™-System even allows for the combination of the lift, light, and door controls without any difficulty.

Thanks to the network capabilities of Vetox™, several installations at one workplace can be managed and all customer data for various branches can be stored on one central server (e.g., at headquarters).

The best possible security and anonymity for customers

An electronic safe installation basically acts as a deterrent to a potential criminal action. In the event of an attempt to raid an electronic safe installation, an alarm is always automatically set off. Bank personnel cannot be forced to open any deposit compartments without triggering the alarm. Even insiders cannot manipulate or open any of the deposit compartments without triggering the alarm (e.g., with a bank key and a copied holder’s key). Activity on individual compartments can be duplicated on an uninterrupted, secure log record.

Fully automated operation of the safe deposit installation system is ensured through finger scan identification provided by the optional biometric reader, enabling bank customers to access their deposit box without the assistance of bank personnel.

Efficiency at the workplace

Bank personnel or staff at other institutions can identify customers and allow access to deposit boxes from their work stations. The overall status of the safe deposit installation can be verified on the screen at all times and personnel can see at a glance which compartments are still open (electronically unlocked). The lock can be configured to automatically close the safe deposit compartment after a specified amount of time.

Electronic Safe Management Systems Vetox™
The latest generation of electronic safe management systems is known as Vetox™
The latest generation of electronic safe management systems is known as Vetox™, which it is made up of the following modules:
  • Access Control System ACS
  • Safe Control System SCS
  • Safe Administration System SAS

Mechanical or electronic: The key to security is called WALDIS.

Everyone knows the double-bit key and immediately identifies it as a safe deposit key. Although WALDIS continues to offer this type of key for both mechanical as well as electronic installations, the security cylinder is becoming increasingly more popular.

The advantages are crystal clear

Just like with every Kaba key, an impressive feature of the safe key is its very high copy protection. Duplicate keys can only be ordered from WALDIS with the security certificate. The construction of the Kaba Star Cylinder system is patentprotected.

Safe and discrete

The Kaba safe key looks like a typical house key and is therefore not recognized as a safe key. This is often a decisive criteria, particularly for foreign customers concerned with discretion. Rather than locked up in a private safe at home, this key can be carried on a key chain and therefore it is always accessible.

In the event the Kaba Star key is lost, it is not necessary to drill the door. Instead, the lock cylinder need only be replaced, which results in a reduction of costs.

Safe deposit locks the modern way
  • Due to the special mounting technique, neither a safety box owner nor an insider can sabotage or manipulate the individual compartment, even when the door is open.
  • With electronically controlled locks, the bank/institution and customer blocked times are monitored continuously.
  • The electronics enable the immediate and seamless registration and reporting of safe deposit movements, in particular compartment break-ins.
  • In the event of a power failure, the bank lock can be opened with a high quality security key.
  • The lock supply lines are monitored.

Optimal protection in confined spaces: The Varrit® safe vault.

Varrit® safe vault
Optimal protection in confined spaces:
The Varrit® safe vault.

Due to spatial constraints, it is often impossible for small bank branches or metal dealers to construct vaults on their premises. WALDIS has the ideal solution for these businesses, and one which is economical as well: safe deposit boxes within a Varrit® safe cabinet.

Several of these cabinets together form a compact vault installation which can be extended at any time and which does not require a great deal of space.

WALDIS’s Varrit® vaults are among the leading products in this sector. Thanks to Relastan®, the armouring material developed by Kaba, these vaults provide the highest level of protection and set the standards for other suppliers.

Guaranteed security according to European guidelines

As is with all of WALDIS’s products, Varrit® vaults are VdS-tested and ECB•S certified and therefore meet the highest European requirements. They are exclusively equipped with the electronic security lock system WALDIS Paxos, whose legendary high reliability is based on the double execution of components and functions. The redundancy of this system makes it ready for operation virtually one hundred percent of its entire useful life.

Undoubtedly, the threat of break-in is taking on an increasingly more aggressive nature. Before a Varrit® safe becomes VdS-certified, a quality assurance system according to ISO 9001 as well as an accompanying third-party monitoring of the manufacturing must be carried out. For every type test on penetration and forcible opening, WALDIS’s products must prove a minimum resistance value. These tests involve the use of mechanical, thermal, electromechanical, and tampering tools. Any change in the design or the manufacturing process must be explicitly approved by the VdS.

More insurance protection

In Europe, certified and tested safes and vaults are rewarded with better insurance conditions as a result of their high level of breakin and tampering security.

Customer safe deposit boxes for every need:

Examples of different arrangements and combinations

Safe strongboxes Waldis
Safe strongboxes:
Measurements in mm
Model Strongbox height
Internal External
60 40 48
91 70 78
121 100 108
152 130 138
212 190 198
304 280 288
Customer safe deposit boxes 1

* + 6 mm for the height of the base construction

Customer safe deposit boxes 3
Customer safe deposit boxes 2
Customer safe deposit boxes 4
Customer safe deposit boxes 5
Customer safe deposit boxes 6
Customer safe deposit boxes 7
Customer safe deposit boxes 8
Customer safe deposit boxes 9
Customer safe deposit boxes 10
Customer safe deposit boxes 11
Customer safe deposit boxes 12
Customer safe deposit boxes 13

Box dimensions

Overall size
H x W x D (mm)
No. of partitions Inside dimensions
H x W x D (mm)
Safe content
60,8 300 480 2 52,8 255 440 Strongbox
91,2 300 480 3 83,2 255 440 Strongbox
121,6 300 480 4 113,6 255 440 Strongbox
152,0 300 480 5 144,0 255 440 Strongbox
212,8 300 480 7 204,8 255 440 Strongbox
304,0 300 480 10 296,0 255 440 Strongbox
364,8 300 480 12 356,8 255 440 empty
456,0 300 480 15 448,0 255 440 empty
608,0 300 480 20 600,0 255 440 1 shelf
912,0 300 480 30 904,0 255 440 2 shelves
1824,0 300 480 60 1816,0 255 440 3 shelves
608,0 300 1000 20 600,0 255 960 empty
912,0 300 1000 30 904,0 255 960 empty
1824,0 300 1000 60 1816,0 255 960 empty
304,0 600 480 10 296,0 555 440 empty
364,8 600 480 12 356,8 555 440 empty
456,0 600 480 15 448,0 555 440 1 shelf
608,0 600 480 20 600,0 555 440 1 shelf
912,0 600 480 30 904,0 555 440 2 shelves
1824,0 600 480 60 1816,0 555 440 3 shelves