WALDIS Reinforced Doors.

Highest resistance against dark intentions.

WALDIS’s reinforced doors are available in various configurations to suit the type of protection required and the particular area of application. Extensive tests have proven they can withstand the most aggressive electromechanical and thermal tools of attack. Closed reinforced doors also offer exceptionally effective protection against unauthorized entry into protected areas.

TRP Reinforced Doors

Insurance grade: Tested, approved, and certified.

In terms of insurance, WALDIS’s entire product range is classified according to European norms. The awarding of such certificates requires a type test on access and forcible entry. Products must prove that they have a defined minimum resistance value when mechanical, thermal, and electromechanical tools or tools with a manipulative effect are used on them.

The VdS certificate (Association of Damage Insurers) is only awarded when the quality assurance system according to ISO 9001 as well as an accompanied third-party monitoring of the production can be proven. Any changes made to the construction or production processes must be explicitly authorized by VdS.

WALDIS TRP Reinforced Doors and Lattice Doors

WALDIS TRP Reinforced Doors and Lattice Doors

Aluminium or steel lattice doors are available to fit any size vault door.
WALDIS Vaults - Vault Doors

Model Resistance Grade Clear Width Clear Height Door Thickness Weight
TRP Genius 3 WG III 880 mm 1970 mm 127 mm approx. 480 kg
TRP Genius 5 WG V 820 / 940 mm 1970 mm 170 mm approx. 530 / 630 kg
TRP Genius 9 WG IX-CD* 900 mm 1970 mm 260 mm approx. 1100 kg
TRP 3500 WG XI-CD* 900 mm 1955 mm 370 mm approx. 2200 kg

CD* = Core Drill protection

Vault Door TRP Genius 3 und 5
TRP Genius 3 and 5
Vault Door TRP Genius 9
TRP Genius 9
Vault Door TRP 3500
TRP 3500
Lattice Doors
Lattice Doors

WALDIS SRT Steel-Reinforced Doors

Your protected space is quickly turned into a safe room with the SRT steel-reinforced door

EMPA test for security doors of the highest level, hazard class 3 in accordance with Euro resistance class 6 test. No changes are made to the functionality of the protected space.

Security Features

  • Simple installation in existing site without damaging the functionality of the protected space
  • Multiple armour-plated door; multiple armour-plating made from a variety of materials offering protection against tools such as drills, welding torches, cutting discs, etc.
  • Double-bolt deadlock to protect against forcible attack
  • SRT Standard can be supplied left- or right-hinged
  • Dimensions to your requirements: the SRT steel-reinforced door can be designed to meet your requirements, incl. without a sill or with the door opening outwards
  • Door, frame and tiltable bracket are primed in a grey anti-corro – sion paint; after installation, the door can be painted in a suitable colour
  • SRT emergency opening: the SRT steel-reinforced door can always be opened from the inside

Options for Paxos lock

  • Incl. redundant high-security Paxos lock
  • Optionally with high-gloss chrome keypad cover
  • Can be integrated with an alarm system
  • Optionally with zero-maintenance mains connection or batteryoperated

Sizes And Models – SRT Steel-Reinforced Doors

Model Clear width
HxW (mm)
for reveal
HxW (mm)
Price in CHF
excl. VAT
SRT Standard 1825 x 780 1850 x 800 Resistance grade 6
as defined by EN V 1627
300 Paxos 12’700.00
SRT Special Opening inwards 14’600.00
SRT Special Opening outwards 15’300.00


Item no. Description Price in CHF
excl. VAT
00007007 SRT locking mechanism with emergency opening; for locking and opening the steel-reinforced door from inside (in the event of a threat, the door can be closed from inside and then opened again) 1’220.00
00007001 SRT tiltable bracket; tiltable securing bracket for emergency exit 680.00

Options for PAXOS lock

Item no. Description Price in CHF
excl. VAT
00007008 SRT alarm preparation 950.00
00007009 SRT preparation including mains connection 1’540.00
00001003 Base plate for structure-borne sound alarms placed in the door 45.00
00092605 Paxos keypad cover in high-gloss chrome 250.00

Insurance grade: Tested, approved, and certified.

In terms of insurance, WALDIS’s entire product range is classified according to European norms.

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