We give your documents and data fire protection.
Because fire is expensive.

WALDIS offers you fireproof document and data cabinets that ensure the best possible level of protection against the destruction of important information. Security that is always in place before the fire brigade arrives. Insurance is only able to compensate you for damage caused to buildings and stock, but it cannot compensate you for your business-critical documents and information.


Fire protection
for documents

Fireproof document cabinets



Fire protection
for data

Fireproof data cabinets


Secure your documents and data against fire, theft, sabotage and loss.
Day after day, night after night.

Document and data safes provide ideal protection for your documents, paper data media and valuables, and have successfully passed the test for ECB-S and VdS certification. The safes have been tested according to the standards EN-15659 and EN-1047-1 for fire resistance, EN-14450 for security levels and EN-1143-1 for resistance grade.

Fire and burglary protection testing is certified by the ECB-S and VdS inspection badge. This stamp of approval is marked by a clear metal label on the inside door of the safe and attests to the high and consistent quality of the product.

The safes are subject not only to our own controls in the manufacture procedure, but to continuous independent quality monitoring by VdS and ECB-S, providing reassuring security for your documents and data.

Crucial documents, data and records should be stored somewhere they are protected against fire. That is the only way to protect them in the long term against loss and irreparable damage.

Fire protection: The greatest risks

  • Fire
  • Burglary / theft
  • Unauthorised access
  • Sabotage
  • Misuse of data
  • Industrial espionage
ECB S DATA Cabinet R 60 D