Waldis GarantieWALDIS Business:
Ideal for the particularly great things of great value.

Irreplaceable documents, cash, jewellery - you alone know what is so valuable to you that it requires an extremely secure form of protection. WALDIS Business is specialised in a multitude of variants to meet your highest requirements.

WALDIS Business


Dimensioned Drawings:
WALDIS Business 650
WALDIS Business 801
WALDIS Business 802
WALDIS Business 1000
WALDIS Business 1200
WALDIS Business 1450
WALDIS Business 1650
WALDIS Business 1200 XL
WALDIS Business 1450 XL
WALDIS Business 1850 XL
WALDIS Business 1850 XXL



  • Safe interiors / cash drawers from WALDIS 802
  • Jewellery storage
  • User-friendly base
  • LED interior lighting
  • Additional electronic locks
  • Alarm integration and preparation
  • Paint finishes of your choice
  • Watch winder
  • Key storage etc.

Basic features

  • Primor 3000 electronic combination lock
  • Height-adjustable chromium steel shelve
  • High-quality chromium steel interior design
  • RAL 9010 pure white paint finish

Protection class + Insurance cover

Protection class and insurance cover

  • VdS approval no. M119009
  • Resistance grade 3 according to EN 1143-1
  • 20-year WALDIS warranty against burglary
  • Contents with a value of up to CHF 150,000 or CHF 300,000 can be insured
    Without alarm / with alarm system. The values specified are average values from insurance companies. The insurance companies are free in principle to conduct their risk assessment.

Design + Security

Design and security

  • 50 mm wall thickness, 115 mm door thickness
  • Locking mechanism behind glass panel
  • 4 mechanical emergency locking devices
  • Internal hinges with thrust bearings
  • Practically gap-free door closure
  • Cable inlet via hollow hinges
  • 4 mounting options
  • Door opening angle > 180 degrees / DIN hinges on right
  • 11 different sizes in stock
WALDIS Safes - 8 mounting options