Dimensioned Drawings

WALDIS Basic 480

WALDIS Eco 550
WALDIS Eco 650 stp
WALDIS Eco 801
WALDIS Eco 802
WALDIS Eco 1000
WALDIS Eco 1200

WALDIS Business 650
WALDIS Business 801
WALDIS Business 802
WALDIS Business 1000
WALDIS Business 1200
WALDIS Business 1450
WALDIS Business 1650
WALDIS Business 1200 XL
WALDIS Business 1450 XL
WALDIS Business 1850 XL
WALDIS Business 1850 XXL

WALDIS First 850
WALDIS First 1000
WALDIS First 1200
WALDIS First 1500
WALDIS First 1800-XL

WALDIS Premium 850
WALDIS Premium 1000
WALDIS Premium 1200
WALDIS Premium 1500
WALDIS Premium 1000TB
WALDIS Premium 1200TB
WALDIS Premium 1500-XL
WALDIS Premium 1800-XL

WALDIS Reinforced Doors

SRT DIN links
SRT DIN rechts

Checklist for transport + assembly

This information will help us to plan how to transport and install your safe as best as possible.

WALDIS Safe Transport

WALDIS Tresore AG – Logos

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