Let WALDIS specialists sort out the transportation or relocation of your safe. The professional dismantling and re-assembly combined with mounting services are key security-related factors that should only be performed by proven specialists.


Safe transport

WALDIS has its own lorries and specialist teams who are able to transport the heavy-duty safes and steel-reinforced cabinets to your destination in a quick and secure manner. Transportation, removal or relocation services for safes and the associated dismantling / assembly services along with loosening / tightening the mounts must also be carried out in a careful and professional manner. This security-related work provides important protection against burglaries and the removal of safes by burglars.

Checklist for transport + assembly

This information will help us to plan how to transport and install your safe as best as possible:
WALDIS checklist for transport + assembly

Your contact for safe transportation and safe relocation: