Safe leasing

In terms of financing queries, WALDIS is also able to offer you an interesting alternative to purchasing a safe in the form of safe leasing. Leasing offers you a number of different economic benefits and allows you to swap your safe for another new safe model at the end of the contract term.


Safe leasing

Changes to corporate rules, laws or more stringent insurance terms and conditions mean that ever more adjustments need to be made to existing security systems. With safe leasing, you will always benefit from state-of-the-art systems as you can either hand the safe back or replace it with one of the latest models available at the end of the leasing contract. Safe leasing also offers you a number of additional economic benefits too.

Fiscal benefits

Leasing instalments are tax-deductible as operating expenses.

Balance sheet neutrality

Leasing items do not appear in the lessee’s balance sheet. Only the leasing instalments are posted as operating expenses in the profit and loss account. The equity ratio and debt ratio do not change.

Basis for calculation

The leasing instalments are not impacted in the long-term by interest rate changes or rating changes either, meaning therefore that they provide a secure basis for calculation.


Given that the leasing company takes over the financing of the item, this gives the lessee broad financial room for manoeuvre to take decisions in future.

Planning security

The value of the leasing instalments and contract term are fixed right from the beginning.

Individual contract design

Individual requirements can be aligned with by designing the contract on an individual basis as regards the term, amortisation and payment terms.

If you are interested in safe leasing, then please contact us.