Expert reports

WALDIS is able to support you in all matters regarding the secure storage of valuables, goods and documents. Make the most of our vast experience in dealing with burglaries and attacks to safes (gained in rather unpleasant circumstances sadly). Our expert knowledge will help you to take preventative measures, but is also available in the event of a loss.


Expert reports and training sessions for insurance companies and the police

The WALDIS safe experts are able to offer you practical advice and assistance in the event of a loss caused by your safe being broken into. We regularly conduct valuations for insurance companies for safe systems and fireproof cabinets damaged as a result of a burglary or fire. WALDIS also provides training sessions for claims inspectors and security experts in the various in-house safe seminars.

Prevention measures for burglaries

In order to ensure any damage (loss, destruction and mess left behind) is kept as low as possible for you in the event of a burglary, we recommend that you apply our various prevention measures which have proven themselves in numerous damage cases:

Burglars are looking for money and jewellery, not safes

Make sure you put your safe in a clearly visible location; either in an office or in the vicinity of the bedroom. The burglar will immediately know that there are valuables contained in the safe.

Only purchase safes with a security combination lock

Safes with key locks will lead to the systematic and ruthless search for the keys, leaving behind a scene of absolute chaos. The keys are also found in more than 20% of cases as well.

Burglary attempt or removal

Invest in a modern safe that will give burglars no chance. Burglars will initially try to locate the weakest point by tapping the safe walls. Hinges or door gaps are popular attack points. Attempts will then be made using brute force or thermal tools to open the safe. If this is not successful within a short period of time, there is always the option to remove the safe. According to police statistics, burglars manage to succeed in 90% of cases by using the methods described above. In conclusion, there are far too many safes that are of poor quality in use. However, safes made by WALDIS are different. Complete security. As the sole manufacturer, WALDIS is delighted to offer a warranty of up to 30 years against burglary.

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