WALDIS is your partner for all matters regarding the secure storage of valuables, goods and documents. You can count on our vast experience. Our specialists are available to consult you over the phone, in person at one of our exhibitions or at your own premises.


We listen to what you have to say

In order for us to be able to recommend the right safe for you, we will discuss with you a number of points to establish your security requirements, the local conditions and the valuables in question to be stored away. The following information is of interest to us, for example: What level of burglary protection or fire protection do you need? What is the size and type of the security container in question? Wall mounted or free-standing? How much are the insured valuables worth? What sort of internal features are required?

We pride ourselves in being able to consult you in the best possible manner. This is why we want to listen to what you have to say and ask the right questions. You can then rest assured that we will provide you with the optimum security solution. Our specialists are of course also happy to visit you at your own premises. Additional investigations and inspections are frequently necessary on site.

Protection against theft and security against any loss

With more than 64,000 burglaries in Switzerland each year*, it is therefore well worth purchasing a premium safe or steel-reinforced cabinets. This is because 90% of safes that are attacked are broken into or simply taken away*. Unfortunately the statistics* here confirm a particularly sad fact. Thankfully though, this is not the case with WALDIS safes. The certified quality safes offer complete security and are a burglar’s fiend. The WALDIS models, developed and produced in Switzerland, are certified to EN 1143-1 and also offer a number of additional features that make it impossible for burglars to break into the safe or remove it in a reasonable amount of time:

1. A 4 to 8-point safe mounting system
2. Gap-free, hinge-less doors
3. Premium multiple armour-plated finish
4. Security combination lock


Security solutions are a matter of trust. WALDIS is a partner you can rely on for the secure storage of money, jewellery, valuable items and documents in safes and secure storage units. WALDIS has more than 30 years experience in safe production and is able to offer first-class security solutions to satisfy all requirements, industries and items to be stored away. We are of course also available to help you at all times even after you have purchased the product and installed it on your premises. If it’s urgent or something happens during the day or night; WALDIS safes offer complete protection, and that’s our promise.

Source: PKS 2013 and PKS of the Canton of Zurich 2006

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