Waldis Tresore AG

WALDIS is one of the leading Swiss providers in terms of theft resistance, manufacture and design. WALDIS safes offer complete security, guaranteed. They are one of the most theft-resistant products available. Only WALDIS offers a warranty of up to 30 years against burglary.


Safes that offer complete security and even resemble a piece of jewellery

WALDIS develops, produces and installs burglar-proof safes with quality Swiss workmanship. They are among the most theft-resistant products on the market. Whatever kind of valuables you want to protect against theft and loss, WALDIS offers you the perfect security solution, tailored to your individual requirements.

WALDIS has set itself the objective of producing safes that are not only the most secure in terms of protecting valuables, but are also of the highest quality of functionality, manufacture and design. We believe that safes nowadays also need to satisfy the very highest aesthetic demands as well. A good reason for this is based on burglary prevention. It is recommended that you do not hide safes away, instead installing them in an area that is clearly visible. Your safe will even resemble a piece of jewellery in your office of living room. Steel-reinforced cabinets and safes have a particularly long lifespan. As a result, they should also look visually appealing every day too.

Satisfied customers for more than three decades

Satisfied customers are key to sustained levels of success. More than 30 years have passed since the company was formed by Hans Waldis in 1983. More than 20,000 secure storage units and fireproof cabinets have been supplied during this period. The customer has always been the focal point of our efforts. This is still the case even today. The present owners of the company, Urs Menzi and Rainer Schmid, both of whom took over the company in 2006, are continuing in the same vein. Their company motto is therefore as follows: “We are a skilled and completely reliable partner for our customers at all times. We only make safes that delight both customers as well as security experts in equal measure, meet the most stringent functional and aesthetic requirements and, above all, ensure that our customers are able to sleep easy at night.”

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