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For over 35 years, WALDIS Safes have impressively demonstrated their competence in Switzerland and throughout Europe. Founded in 1983, WALDIS has since delivered around 35,000 safes, strongrooms and fire protection cabinets, thus making an international name for itself in the field of secure storage unit production with the highest security level. Customers and their high demands have always been the focus of our company philosophy, and have always been at the forefront of every product and product development. And this will remain so in the future. A highly qualified team of long-standing employees ensures that WALDIS products meet and exceed what our customers expect every day.


Marco Odermatt and Waldis Tresore AG get started:

Double pack of Swiss quality

WALDIS Tresore AG is the new premium partner of Swiss ski racer Marco Odermatt.

Founded in 1983, Waldis Tresore AG looks back on many decades of experience in the production of burglar-proof safes, armored doors, and vaults. Since 2018, Markus Wirth leads the company’s fortunes as CEO and owner. Wirth is very pleased about the new partnership with Marco Odermatt: “With Marco Odermatt we share precision, quality and the ambition to be the best in our field worldwide and to always develop further. Our goal is to continue and even more focused to build the best safes and vaults in the world.”

In the future, Marco Odermatt will be able to safely store his prize money and medals in the safes of his new sponsor. These are very suitable for storing precious metals, such as those Odermatt has already won at various world championships. And for the announced house construction, the six-time junior world champion says with a laugh: “Then I’ll need the bigger model.” As the company with the most break-proof products, the Swiss market leader is the only one that offers a guarantee against break-open of up to 30 years, so that Marco Odermatt does not have to worry about the safety of his medals even in his retirement.

New market presence of WALDIS Tresore AG

WALDIS Tresore AG has always successfully developed as an innovative and nearly 40-year-old company. With leading quality, the best technology, and our focus on the most specific customer needs, we are now visualizing this with our new image.

Since April 19, 2021, we have had a new appearance, with a claim that is in line with our values, as well as a fresh corporate design. Our market presence combines modern design with classic – so it perfectly reflects the values of WALDIS Safes. The new slogan “The best for everything of value” also communicates to our customers in a few words what they can expect from our company.

The refined corporate design made up of a new font and five powerful colors can also be ideally integrated into the brand of WALDIS and will also find its place on a completely new website at the end of the year 2021.

Markus WirthMarkus Wirth, owner and chief executive director of WALDIS Tresore AG:

“Our goal is to continue – with an even stronger focus – to build the best safes in the world. Every day we work with dedication and motivation to make sure our products inspire our customers and that they impede any dark designs others might hope to carry out, following our claim: WALDIS Safes. The best for everything of value.”


The best thing to do is to see for yourself and have WALDIS Safes shown to you in a personal presentation. Our specialists will be happy to take the time for you and advise you on all questions about securely storing your valuables.

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