Come up with a secure password

What you should observe when selecting the password

You have chosen a Swiss quality safe by WALDIS, and in doing so have chosen one of the most secure safes around. But even the most secure safe is of little use if the numeric code is easy to guess. You will find a number of tips below that you should observe when selecting a password; these tips will help you to come up with such a password.

Lock fittings

The majority of combination locks used for WALDIS safes also have an alphabet alongside the numeric keypad. This allows you to use both numbers and letters or a combination of both numbers and letters in order to come up with a password. The code ranges from six to eight digits depending on the model. This means there are between 106 (1,000,000) and 108 (100,000,000) combination options available.


Basic rules when selecting a password

Avoid using obvious passwords:
  • Do not use trivial values such as 000000, 0815, 123456
  • Do not use your own birthday, vehicle registration number, telephone number or name (i.e. your own name, the name of your spouse, names of children or pets, name of your company or place of residence etc.) as a password. Do not use any standard passwords such as Password or Safe. Writing a number / word backwards is also too simple.
  • Do not use a password that you have already used.
  • Important passwords should not have any logical structure.
How do you come up with a secure password?
  • The golden rule here is that a password is only secure if it is also kept secret.
  • Always remember your passwords – never write them down.
  • Consider as many keys as possible (traces of wear and tear on the keypad reveal the individual figures over the course of time)
  • The solution; come up with a fantasy password.
I only like ice cream in the summer
Use the first letter from each word: Iolicits
in numbers: 46542487
to be or not to be
Use the first letter from each word: tbontb
in numbers: 817681
My mother is 42 years old
Use the first letter from each word: Mmi42yo
in numbers: 6644296
Last but not least:

Think about how the password can still be retained if it can no longer be revealed to the owner (e.g. in the event of death). Deposit a sealed envelope with your notary.