Fire Protection

Contents of the WALDIS safe completely unharmed following a serious fire.

A building in Zurich was completely destroyed by a serious fire in September 2010. There was a WALDIS safe right in the middle of the fire. It could no longer be opened by the owner following the fire. Once the WALDIS service technicians had installed a new lock, the owner was then able to open the safe as usual by using the normal code.

The contents were not damaged. All documents and valuables were completely unharmed and were able to be removed from the safe. Not a single fleck of burnt residue from the fire was found inside the safe! This is clear proof of the fact that neither fire nor heat are able to cause any harm to a WALDIS safe thanks to its massive 65 mm armour-plating and precision processing with minimum gap dimensions.

As a result, the certified WALDIS safes are not only one of the most secure products available against burglaries, but they are also well-proven in the event of a fire as well. WALDIS safes protect their contents in the best possible manner in both loss cases.

fire protection

WALDIS safes – Complete security. Guaranteed.

WALDIS is the only manufacturer that offers a warranty against burglary of up to 30 years.