Burglary protection

Declaration regarding the Euro standard EN 1143-1

Test for resistance to burglary for safes

Only use safes which have a badge like the one above.

Secure storage units – Requirements, classification and methods of test for resistance

The safes are attacked in the test using various tools. Calculations are made in the examples listed below as to how long a tester has to partially break through using a cutting disc. If this time is exceeded, then this part of the test is passed.

Attack using a cutting disc: Cutting disc base value = 25 RU (RU = Resistant Unit)
Resistance grade Partial breakthrough
base value
Resistance WALDIS
model range
I 30 RU -25 RU 5 RU 1x
II 50 RU -25 RU 25 RU 5x Eco
III 80 RU -25 RU 55 RU 11x Business
IV 120 RU -25 RU 95 RU 19x First
V 180 RU -25 RU 155 RU 31x Premium
In conclusion,

a burglar requires 31 times longer for a partial breakthrough (opening of 100 x 100 mm) for an EN V safe than he/she does for an EN I safe.

Amount insured – Insurance ratings

Your insurance company will define the amount insured as well as your premium amount on an individual basis. The values stated here are reference values (in 1’000 CHF).

burglar alarm
burglar alarm
model range
I n.a. n.a.
II 50 100 Eco
III 150 300 Business
IV 500 1000 First
V 1000 2000 Premium