Burglary statistics

More than 64,000 burglaries in Switzerland each year and more than 170 burglaries each day.

Although the number of burglaries has fallen back somewhat from the previous figure of approximately 70,000, the number of burglaries remains constantly high. Most affected by a long way are multiple family homes and single family homes.

Almost 50% of burglaries take place in multiple family homes and single family homes.

Burglaries by location
Source: BFS – Police Crime Statistics (PKS) 2014, version: 12 Feb 2015
Public / private burglaries

Source: BFS – Police Crime Statistics (PKS) 2014, version: 12 Feb 2015 A private room refers solely to your “own four walls”, i.e. private rooms that are not accessible to others. However, a room shall be deemed public if it is in principle accessible to a variety of individuals (including the staircase or shared laundry facility in a multiple family home).


9 out of 10 safes are useless and are broken into following an attack.

An investigation for the Swiss Police Crime Statistics in 2013 reveals an alarming picture.

Offenders were successful in virtually 90% of all cases, whether in the private or commercial sector

  • Around 50% of safes were simply removed. These included heavy safes up to 600 kg.
  • The offenders searched for and located the safe keys which were hidden away in a further 25% of cases.
  • 14% of safes were broken into using rudimentary lever tools such as screwdrivers or crowbars
  • A further 10% of safes were simply opened on the spot using brute force. The burglars mainly used pickaxes and sledgehammers to achieve this.
  • Thieves used welding equipment or cutting discs in the remaining 10% of all offences.
Burglary Statistics
Source: PKS 2013 and PKS of the Canton of Zurich 2006
Schaden nach Einbruch

The burglars leave behind a scene of pure chaos when searching for the safe keys.

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