Burglary Process

Burglars leave the house after one minute.

Provided that the safe owner does everything right!

No burglar is looking for a safe. Burglars are looking for money and jewellery. No matter where they get into the house, their first target is the office or the bedroom. In most cases, these rooms are a complete write-off.

Safes should not be disguised or hidden in the cellar. They should be in the office or close to the bedroom. Safes must be seen within the first minute. All burglars know that what they are looking for is locked inside them. This means they will not search any further.

Now they will examine the safe. Do not buy any safe with a key lock, as burglars will go looking for the key. The furniture all over the house will be destroyed within 5 minutes. More than 20% of keys are found.

The safe is then examined by knocking on the doors and walls. If a hollow sound is heard, there will certainly be an attack. Hinges located on the outside and a large gap between doors and frames also induce burglars to carry out an attack.

The last thing they will try is to take the safe away with them. A good safe is mounted at a minimum of 4 points at the back and/or 4 points at the bottom. Burglars want to break in within the shortest possible time. However, if they discover that there is no hope of success, they will leave your house and will not cause any more damage.

When do burglars deliberately cause damage? When the entire house has been searched through, furniture has been destroyed and nothing has been found, there is a great sense of frustration combined with the amount of time lost too. This frustration then has to be taken out in the form of additional extra damage.

Our philosophy is continuously confirmed by our customers who have experienced a burglary. But take note: this security philosophy only works with a good safe. Unfortunately, according to police statistics, 90% of safes are nevertheless broken into as a result of being attacked.

WALDIS is the only manufacturer to offer a warranty of up to 30 years against burglary.

Source: PKS 2013 and PKS of the Canton of Zurich 2006

damage after burglary
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