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Welcome to the world of WALDIS safes. Welcome to the world of the highest security, the highest quality, the most individual design, the legendary durability and the perfect functionality.

WALDIS Safes – the terror of all safecrackers, the joy of all owners. WALDIS develops, produces and installs burglar-proof safes at the highest level. Only WALDIS offers a guarantee against break-ins of up to 30 years.
We invite you to get to know WALDIS Safes better. Find out everything about why WALDIS Safes enjoy an excellent worldwide reputation – worldwide reputation made in Switzerland.

WALDIS Safes: Safekeeping based on the best construction know-how.

The ingenious design quality of WALDIS Safes ensures that your valuables are optimally protected. WALDIS Safes are among the most break-in-proof products on the market. And for all those who think that this robustness must go hand in hand with clumsiness and a lack of elegance, we surprise them with an attractive design and a variety of inspiring innovations. In our showroom, we are pleased to present you with what WALDIS understands about know-how.

Heavy blocks with a lightweight construction.

The new generation of WALDIS safes is manufactured with a so-called lightweight construction. This might sound vexing and start to make you wonder: isn’t a proper safe supposed to be, above all, heavy? However, the innovations lie in a new material composition and in the special anchoring. You’d have to steal the whole house if you wanted to take the safe. However – have no fear of weightlessness: WALDIS Safes will always remain heavy blocks.

Maximum security area for your valuables.

Offer your valuables an aesthetically pleasing maximum security area that protects your property individually and securely. Today safes are no longer hidden, but are made to be eye-catchers and pieces of jewellery at the same time. WALDIS has set itself the goal of surpassing everything else that holds distinction on the safes market. With an offer that is second to none.

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